In 2020, the youth vote surged to one of its highest points ever, flipping the Senate and White House blue for Democrats.

    It’s crystal clear: When young voters turnout, Democrats win.

    That’s why we started Future Democrats, a for-youth-by-youth organization focused entirely on flipping red seats blue and holding our majorities for years to come.

    Using a unique blend of digital ads, on-the-ground voter turnout campaigns, and aggressive relational organizing, our team helped elect progressive Democrats like Senator Jon Ossoff, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Mondaire Jones in 2020.

    So now, we’re gearing up to do it again in 2022 to keep Trump, McConnell, and the Republican party in the minority.

    An investment in today’s youth will pay dividends tomorrow. Future Democrats will mobilize young voters in critical districts to ensure Democratic majorities in 2022 and beyond. Young people need leaders who will fight to save our future from climate change, Fascism, COVID-19, and systemic inequality. Grassroots investment in young people to elect progressive champions today creates a generation of engaged Democratic voters for the Future.

    It is crucial that young people continue to turnout in record numbers to protect slim Congressional margins, and to stand up for our Democracy! Like the historic youth movements which have won before us, we represent the united interests of our generation, and we plan to make our voices heard.